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Various A6 Leaflets

Beach Test Transparent

Sept/Oct 2016

Design examples

PR Firm - Colours: Mid blue & green. Word doc supplied, no images supplied. Please create design.

Telecom Firm - No copy supplied. See client website. Please create design.

Hair/Nail Technicians - Word doc supplied. Design logo, colours: black & turquoise. Please create design.

Community meeting advertising


Design examples

Please use colours from 'Shoreham Society' logo to design all materials. We would like A5 leaflets, A4 posters and a 5mx2m roadside banner. This is to advertise clearly to residents that this is a public meeting to discuss housing plans.
We would also like two logos at the bottom. Word doc supplied & 2 images.

Some previous artwork


Design examples

A competently designed article, magazine cover, leaflet etc. should incorporate the following components to engage the readers attention; title, colour, space, composition, typography and imagery. The cleverness or the content of the editorial is secondary to the process at this point.

Graphic design is mainly used to promote a product using an artistic method or tactic. There are two methods; explicit and implicit design.


Sally Sinclair

Please call or email with your requirements. I can offer incredibly low printing costs to include design and delivery.